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Cedar Creek Ranch CMS based website by AdzDesign

I offer websites created in Joomla Content Management System (or CMS).

Many websites, especially small or older websites, are built using static webpages. These webpages are built using HTML, Javascript, and Macromedia Flash computer code. This code is virtually impossible to edit without special software and training. Static websites are difficult and expensive to maintain and require help of web designer or developer to add new content or edit the existing pages.

A technology called a Content Management System (CMS) helps to solve this issue. A CMS uses a database to store, retrieve, and edit the content of your website. The CMS database allows for additional features to be easily integrated into the website: user login and passwords, shopping carts, events and calendars, blogs, news feeds, and much more.

I'm happy to offer this solution to small and large businesses who require frequent updates of their website's content, and who are computer savvy and would like to maintain their own web pages. After the initial setup, which require web developer's technical skill, I train my customers to use back end of Joomla CMS. If you can use Microsoft word, you can use Joomla!

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